Muslim Lingerie Sets with Veil and Hijab

Muslim lingerie sets to spoil her, or seduce him! Erotic lingerie set by Halima, available exclusively at our marketplace strore!

Different colours and dessins are available for purchase as well. 
These lingerie sets come with:

  • Halima Veil and Hijab
  • Halima Bodysuit
  • Halima Shape
  • Karess Skin
  • Halima Panties and Stockings

Halima muslim lingerie sets

halima lingerie set with veil for muslim and arabic women

Halima lingerie set with veil

halima lingerie set with hijab for muslim and arabic women

Halima lingerie set with Hijab

Both sets can be purchased at our apparel department of our marketplace store at!

Be sure to check out our marketplace store or website regularly for updates regarding new releases, clothes, lingerie or other items to enhance your virtual love life!

How to use

Purchase the sets at our promotional price via our apparel department here (Veil) and here (Hijab). The Halima lingerie sets will be delivered to your avatar.

Next, find a sandbox or area where you can rezz/place the box containing the lingerie sets on the ground. Right click the box with the Halima logo’s and open the box. Save all contents to your inventory or save and wear the items to immediately wear your lingerie set!

Where can I rezz?

If you don’t have a place to rezz the Halima set, you can visit our adult playground 여기

Be sure to accept our group invitation, or touch one of the sign and press CTRL+H and click the link in your chat history to join the Handjob Hotel group! This is the group you will need to join in order to rezz your items!

Please clean your prims when you’re done, and enjoy your new lingerie set!



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